4 Compelling Benefits of a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

No one likes to think about natural disasters and their unsettling propensity to strike without warning. The same is true for human-caused disasters like ransomware or an employee error that causes your entire system to crash.

The unhappy truth is that one or more catastrophic events could impact your business at any time, and it's best to be prepared.

Here's how Managed IT Services can help your company minimize the impact of a disaster.

75 Years Later, They're Still Here and They're Still Indispensable

printer in use

How much of the technology we've used in the last ten years is still in use? What about the last twenty? Your office no doubt said goodbye to its pagers, Rolodex cards, and electric typewriters years ago, and chances are pretty high that no one in your office takes shorthand, with pen and stenographer's pad in hand.

Get Prepared for Growth with a Document Management System

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Business growth may be exciting, but it comes prepackaged with a wide assortment of bewildering challenges. When it comes to your information, the old way of handling growth was to add more filing cabinets, more rooms, and maybe even shift some of your archived documents to a third-party storage provider. The problems were painfully obvious, including higher costs and an even slimmer chance of ever finding anything again. Fortunately, you have better options.

3 Questions to Answer When Choosing Production Printing Equipment

preparing to print from a production printer

If you've been using your multifunction system or laser printer as stand-ins for your production printing needs, it's time to consider an upgrade. From high-volume and speed requirements to advanced finishing capabilities and near off-set quality printing results, today's production printing equipment fills the need nicely.

Here's how to begin the selection process so you can let your employees have their multifunction system back.

3 Ways to Keep Your Network Safe

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You're worried about keeping your business information safe from cyberattacks, and you've got good reasons to be concerned. SMBs are now a favorite target, and safeguarding your business should be a major concern.

Managed IT Services companies can provide safeguards to keep your network secure, and there are steps you can take internally to shore up your defenses against an attack. Here's what Managed IT Services companies recommend.

4 Ways to Ramp Up Security in Your Print Infrastructure

touchscreen on printer

Did you know your copiers and printers can give hackers access to your network? They can also be a source of common security lapses made by employees every day. By looking at your copiers and printers in a new light—as access points into your network and document storage repositories—you can begin taking the necessary steps to protect your organization from threats.

Here are four common ways to give print security a higher priority in your office.


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