Why You Need Web Filtering in Your Office

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The use of the internet in your office should be dedicated solely to business, but most business owners know how hard this is to enforce. The truth is that employees could be using the internet at any time to do virtually anything, including things that are less than savory. Here's why web filtering can increase company productivity and provide protection from possible liability.

Which Type of Media is Right for Your Wide Format Printer?

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A wide format printer can handle many kinds of production printing, including a wide variety of tasks that you may not realize it can take on. This can save you time and money outsourcing print jobs that you could simply handle in house, and help you make your marketing more dynamic. Here are some kinds of media your wide format printer can bring to life.

Multipurpose Vinyl Printing

A wide format printer is ideal for printing designs and slogans onto multiple types of vinyl, including:

Do You Have an Effective Backup and Recovery Plan?

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How often does your business backup its files?

In the event of a natural disaster, building fire, theft, damaging virus, or hardware failure from other sources, your business could lose all of its important details in the time it takes the system to break.

Here are a few backup details to help you understand how backup policies should work, along with ways to implement a good backup plan.

Lease or Buy? How Should You Acquire New Copiers and Printers?

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When you're in the market for new copiers and printers, there are several important decisions to make. Aside from choosing the type of device you need, there are features available that can make your office much more productive.

You'll also need to decide whether to purchase or lease your copiers and printers. There are advantages to both choices, and your final decision should be the one that works best for your budget and your needs going forward.

Choose the Right Equipment for Your Printing Requirements

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Even with digital processes replacing many of the traditional world's print communications, print technology is still very much a growing industry. Businesses still require printing devices, and some of them are unique in their ability to offer print capabilities while also providing a way to capture and convert documents to digital formats.

Making the Right Choice

Since getting by without print technologies in your office isn't feasible, the only real issue has to do with what type and size equipment you need. Here's a look at three popular options.


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