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MBM protects you against data loss with secure data backup
and recovery solutions.

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What would you do if your data was stolen, exposed to malware or destroyed by a flood? If you don’t have adequate backup and recovery processes in place, disasters like these could ruin your business.

What is data backup?

Backing up is the best way to protect your data and be proactive about security. Having two backups stored in different locations, such as onsite and offsite in the cloud, is the safest approach.

What is disaster recovery?

Data backups are useless if they can’t be restored. Disaster recovery establishes a process for restoring your data and systems after an adverse event.

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Benefits of MBM’s backup and
disaster recovery solutions

Secure Data Backup

Secure Data Backup

Data is routinely backed up to multiple secure locations – including the cloud – and tested to ensure recoverability.

Swift Disaster Recovery

Swift Disaster Recovery

Recovery protocols ensure your business can resume operations quickly following a security breach or data loss event.

Proactive Protection

Proactive Protection

Data is protected from breach and disaster using access controls, uninterruptible power supplies, and more.

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Does your IT provider take your data seriously?

Protecting your data is essential to ensure the future of your business. If your IT provider isn’t taking data backup and recovery seriously, it might be time to switch. To find out why, when, and how to change providers, download our FREE eBook.

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Our focused yet flexible approach has seen us serve a wide array of industries across four decades. We can apply our vast experience in data backup and disaster recovery to your organization, regardless of industry.
Here are some of the industries we specialize in:

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