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What are the benefits of a print assessment?

A print assessment can help you understand your printing usage patterns, identify areas of waste, streamline printing workflows, and significantly reduce costs. Without this assessment, it can be difficult to see areas where you can improve, leading to inefficient printing practices, security vulnerabilities, and ballooning print expenses. Schedule an assessment with us to gain valuable insights into your print environment.

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What to expect from a managed print assessment

MBM Technology Solutions’s managed print assessment is a meticulous process designed to optimize your print environment. We begin by taking the time to understand your printing needs and goals, and then performing a thorough walk-through of your current environment. We then collect the necessary information to analyze your current costs and practices, so we can develop recommendations for improvement.

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Consultation and scoping

We meet with you to discuss your printing needs and goals and to define the scope of the assessment.
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Data collection

We use proprietary MPS tools to collect data on your current printing environment, including hardware, software, and usage patterns.
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Physical mapping

We create a comprehensive physical map of your printing environment, identifying all printers, copiers, and other devices.
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Cost analysis

We collect and analyze your current printing costs, including hardware, software, supplies, and maintenance.
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We validate our findings with you to ensure that they are accurate and complete.
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We develop and present recommendations for optimizing your printing environment, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.


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