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How Managed IT Services Benefits SMBs

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Your IT requirements aren't less important because you're smaller than your competitors. In fact, SMBs are less likely than larger organizations to survive the negative impacts of a catastrophic IT event. With limited resources, however, you may wonder if there's anything you can do to minimize your risks.

Service First—Finding a Managed IT Services Provider

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Imagine a week in the life of your business without your technology. How many of your daily processes could you complete? Probably very few, if any, of your current business processes are stand-alone procedures that don't depend on technology of some kind.

Catastrophic events aside, there's no reason to suppose you'll need to conduct business without your technology. Even so, some days it can be almost that bad. But if your technology isn't to blame, then who is?

Prepare for Disaster with Managed IT and Documents

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After a year of shocking disasters, many companies prioritizing their disaster recovery and business continuity plan in 2018 and beyond. Are you?

Assessing your current readiness is the best place to begin preparing for disaster. And as uncomfortable as it may be, imagining the worst and then working back from those proposed "what-if" scenarios can help your company avoid catastrophic loss. Here are two what-if scenarios that could impact your assets, both tangible and intangible.

Are Your Document Security Solutions Enough?

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Last year's high-profile data breaches did little to increase confidence, and the threats aren't going away anytime soon.

With so much at stake, smart business leaders are using every available solution to update their document security strategies. The truth is, most breaches are preventable, and so are the losses that inevitably follow them.

10 Can't-Miss Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Outsourcing is an effective way for organizations to reduce costs and gain access to expert IT support. SMBs in particular stand to gain from outsourcing, which can in many cases level the playing field with their larger competitors. In the case of Managed IT Services, the benefits are exceptionally rich.

Outsourcing Benefits

If you've been spending too much time dealing with complex IT decisions, then Managed IT Services can give you back that time. Here's how:

Prepare for the Worst with Managed IT Services

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2017 was a year of unprecedented natural disasters. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and record snowfalls left thousands dealing with the catastrophic aftermath.

Aside from the obvious human toll, thousands of businesses lost millions of dollars of tangible assets. Business offices, warehouses, and production facilities were rendered at least temporarily inaccessible, and some were destroyed completely.


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