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A Sense of Confidence in Your Security

Do you feel secure about your sensitive documents and information? Did you know that many HP printers record copies of every document they print? And are you sure you have an updated list of everyone who can access your printers? If not, it’s time to let MBM Technology Solutions in Detroit help you establish a secure print strategy to protect you from outside threats.

Know Who Has Access

First and foremost, when it comes to printer security, it’s important to consider who has access to your printers. Have you removed access from old employees? Do you have any safeguards in place such as a password or required account code? If not, your printer and the documents it has created could be a source of vulnerability for your organization. We can help make sure you are equipped with the most up-to-date security systems on all of your devices.

Network Security

It’s most likely that your office operates with some kind of wireless printer. If that’s the case, the printer is part of your network and having solid network security is paramount. MBM Technology Solutions can help you identify all of the technology integrated into your network to make sure the printers you want to have access do, and foreign technology is blocked for your safety.

When you are sure that your printer is secure, you can enjoy the mobility to print from your mobile devices, your laptop, or any device you authorize. Making sure the list of accessible devices is up-to-date gives you a sense of security that allows you to use your technology to its full abilities without the threat of external interference.

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