Ensure IT Security

Network Security in Detroit

Proactive Network Security Management to Keep You Up and Running

As your work becomes increasingly digitized, is your work protected? IT network security is what MBM Technology Solutions prides itself on. We will make sure every machine on your network is safe and that your network is flawlessly secure. With a proactive network security management style, we identify and solve problems before they arise to make sure your business is always protected.

Ensure IT Security

Why MBM Technology Solutions?

At MBM we work with Ensure-IT services to provide you with the best network security support and coverage available in Detroit. We offer all of our services at one competitive flat rate to make sure you always know exactly what cost to anticipate. There are also multiple other benefits including:

  • A managed firewall to protect you from outside threats
  • Firewall hardware maintenance and same day replacement to make sure you are covered every day, no matter what
  • Reporting services that log all of your security information for a full calendar year
  • Web content filtering to increase network security and protect employees from risky websites
  • Dynamic DNS to allow remote access, web hosting, and VPN without purchase of static IP address
  • Networking options with exceptional service and wireless hotspot options

We Run IT While You Run Your Business

MBM Technology Solutions provides excellent and secure IT management solutions. We believe that becoming IT experts and offering excellent service allows us to have a symbiotic relationship with our customers. We know you have important business to attend to. Let us take care of the IT and network security concerns so you are free to run the business you know and love.

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MBM Technology Solutions prioritizes expertly running your IT services so you can focus on your business. At MBM Technology Solutions, we offer more than managed IT services. We can also provide print solutions, hardware solutions, IT services, infrastructure, and production print services.

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