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Stay Ahead of the Problems

At MBM Technology Solutions, we prioritize identifying problems before they impact your business. That’s why we provide Ensure IT Anti-Virus services to protect your business from outside threats. Though we are always on the lookout for potential problems, it’s impossible to prevent everything. That’s why in the event of a virus breaking through into your system, we also have a team of experts in Detroit ready to minimize and neutralize problems right away.

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Anti-Virus Protection

MBM can recommend solutions that are right for your organization. We will help find the right anti-virus that will protect you against most external viruses that try to invade. However, if one gets through, we can help you transition from proactive to reactive and address the threat as quickly as possible.

Are You Up-To-Date?

One of the most important factors in anti-virus protection is making sure your programs are updated. Each time a new virus is discovered, an antivirus is developed to combat it. In order to get these antivirus definitions incorporated into your own systems, you need to make sure your subscriptions are up-to-date. When you work with MBM, we can help make sure this happens and prioritize keeping your software in peak performance.

Best Practices

In addition to keeping your subscription up-to-date, there are other tactics that can help ward off viruses. Managed firewall devices can help monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and decide what to block. Another factor is to avoid opening any emails from unknown or unexpected senders. Finally, always keep a secure back-up of data in case the worst does happen. MBM can help address these solutions and more.

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