Disaster Recovery

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Protection for Any Weather

Come rain or come shine, is your network protected from the forces of mother nature? No matter what the season, storms can pose a serious threat to your technology if you aren’t properly prepared. One bolt of lightning could be the end of that project you’ve spent weeks working on. Are your documents safe?

Power Problems

One of the most common ways that storms can impact your technology is via power outages and power surges. Power surges can arise different ways, including from weather patterns or from high electric consumption during summer months for functions such as air conditioning. If you don’t have an uninterruptable power supply, you could be exposing your infrastructure to the dangers of power surges and outages that could seriously harm your hardware.

Protect Yourself

Do your technology solutions have uninterruptible power supplies? If not, consider getting some as soon as possible. They are a simple and inexpensive fix that can stabilize power levels and keep your network safe from power fluctuations. They also help in the case of power outages, helping your devices and network shut off safely and without the damage that abrupt outages so often cause.

Expecting the Unexpected

When you are prepared for the worst, you’ll be confident in your ability to bounce back from the unexpected. Don’t be the business owner who just reacts to bad situations. Be proactive in taking care of your office technology so it can better serve you for years to come. Contact our experts at MBM Technology Solutions in Detroit to help you properly protect your invaluable infrastructure.

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