Router Connecting Branches across the Country

Connecting Your Team from Anywhere

As your business grows, do you have a plan for keeping your branch locations connected? The concept of part of your team off working without you can seem intimidating; but with our branch-in-a-box systems, we can help make sure your entire team is working on the same technology systems and accessing the same information.

Powering Your Devices

Our branch-in-a-box system works with your router to power up your equipment such as surveillance cameras, phones, access points and other devices you would use in a branch location. Using our branch-in-a-box system, you can make these uniform and ensure that each branch is operating with the same technologies for consistency. This also makes it easier for workers to cover different branch locations.

Where Do These Systems Work Best?

There are many industries that can use branch-in-a-box systems to their advantage. For any business that seeks uniformity among its branch locations, this tool is worth a look. Instead of setting up technology solutions at each individualized location, this tool streamlines those tasks for one easy solution. Some of the industries they are best suited for include:

  • Retail stores
  • Banking
  • Healthcare

Careful Consolidation

This simple box allows you to replace multiple pieces of equipment with one simple tool for your routing, switching and computing needs. It also unifies your communication by powering your phones with one device. Consolidating these services into one device doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. Our solutions will unify your workforce, making expanding your business easier and more consistent.

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