Prepare for Disaster with Managed IT and Documents

After a year of shocking disasters, many companies prioritizing their disaster recovery and business continuity plan in 2018 and beyond. Are you?

Assessing your current readiness is the best place to begin preparing for disaster. And as uncomfortable as it may be, imagining the worst and then working back from those proposed “what-if” scenarios can help your company avoid catastrophic loss. Here are two what-if scenarios that could impact your assets, both tangible and intangible.

1. What if a disaster destroys our building and everything in it?

Last year’s natural disasters devastated homes and commercial buildings alike. While property losses like office equipment, furnishings, floor coverings, and even your buildings are likely insured and replaceable, your intangible assets may not fare so well. Without protections in place, your files, both paper and digital, may be lost forever.

Electronic document management replaces paper-based filing systems with secure, backed up digital alternatives. Cloud computing and solutions are a better way to store and access your files.

If the worst happens and a catastrophic event destroys your physical business location, your team can still access critical documents stored in a document management system. By establishing an off-site office location well in advance of a disaster, your company can establish communications with clients, checking on their safety and letting them know you’re okay and available to meet their needs as soon as you can.

2. What if a disaster occurs and we don’t have a plan?

Without a plan, your company’s chances of recovery after a disaster aren’t very good. Work with your team as soon as possible to establish a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. After you’ve formulated your plan, keep it fresh in everyone’s mind by focusing on key aspects during team meetings and notifying everyone whenever a change occurs.

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