Move to the Cloud via Your Managed IT Services Provider

A managed IT services provider can deliver opportunities to small companies that would otherwise be unavailable to them. From staying heading of emerging security threats to improving access to information, managed IT services can make a tremendous difference for your SMB. One of your managed IT services providers’ most beneficial offerings is access to cloud services.

Read on to explore the benefits.

  1. Access to your documents — Information that’s stuck in the office isn’t doing you much good when your employees are someplace else. Store your files in the cloud, where they’re available 24/7 and from any location.
  2. Lower infrastructure costs — Managed IT services providers take on the financial burden of servers, applications, and operating systems. Instead of carrying these obligations yourself, MBM Technology Solutions can carry them for you, giving you access to the latest infrastructure for a set monthly fee.
  3. Faster implementation — An experienced IT staff can help your organization implement new operating systems and applications, eliminating many of the frustrations of set-up and day-to-day management tasks.
  4. Lower utility costs — An on-site data center can cause your utility costs to rise substantially. Choosing cloud services through a managed IT provider shifts these costs away from your balance sheet.
  5. Improved performance — Why settle for less than you need? By choosing cloud services from MBM Technology Solutions, your small company can have access to a high-performance system with superior reliability, more features, and the latest in emerging technologies.
  6. Superior protection — No one likes to think about disaster, but it’s better to be prepared. With your data backed up in the cloud, you can stop worrying about a worst-case scenario and get back to concentrating on your business.

Ready to make your move to the cloud? Contact us at MBM Technology Solutions to learn more about our Managed IT Services offerings today!

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