Going Digital with Document Management

Paper documents have long been the standard, but they’re being replaced with digital documents for good reason. When documents are on paper, they are easy to misplace, easy to steal, and they take up a lot of room. One or two documents may not appear to take up much room, but think of the thousands upon thousands of documents your business will go through over time.

Digitizing Your Documents

The first step in digital document management is to scan all documents that must be kept. This process goes faster than you may think, with today’s scanners able to scan vast numbers of papers in little time. With digital copies of everything you need to keep, the paper copies can then be shredded and disposed of. When everything is available through digital means, it’s simple to keep them organized by creating folders and granting access to those who should have it. Then, if a hard copy is needed, it can simply be printed out.

Keep Data Safer

Paper documents are easy to lose, and for criminals, easy to steal. They also tend to get lost, and misfiling them may make them impossible to find among the other files. When they are digitized and available only in that format, they aren’t simply left lying on a desk that would make them more prone to being stolen. They are available only to those who have been given access to them. If you’re worried about data theft, and most companies are, this is protection that you shouldn’t be without.

Always Available

When your employees are granted access to the files they need through document management, they are always available, no matter what the time of day. Employees won’t have to print them and carry them around or travel with hard copies. And when they’re doing some work from home, they can be sent the files they need in seconds. It’s a great way to keep productivity high and their downtime low.

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