Need Help Convincing Your Boss to Upgrade Your Copiers and Printers?

Have you finally had enough of your office’s old copiers and printers? Read on if you’ve been hinting to your boss that it’s time for an upgrade; we’ve got a few good reasons why she should “make it so.”

  1. You’ll accomplish more every single day. Time is money, and your boss knows it. The new copiers and printers are faster than ever, and you’ll accomplish your printing, copying, and scanning in record time. You can even help your company launch electronic document management using nothing but the capabilities on your new multifunction copiers and printers.
  2. You can help eliminate those expensive outsourcing requirements. If your boss has been sending reports, proposals, and marketing materials to the local print shop, you can help her save the business time and money with new copiers and printers. With professional finishing capabilities and high-impact color printing, you can print more in-house.
  3. Give your company access to mobile printing. With new copiers and printers in your fleet, your team can have access to streamlined mobile print solutions. With no additional investment required, your colleagues can securely print, scan, and route documents from anywhere.
  4. Beef up security. Just like every business leader these days, your boss is concerned about security. Features on the new copiers and printers are more reliable than ever, and they’ve got what it takes to meet the latest security threats head-on. Features like password protection, data encryption, hard drive overwrite, and pull printing all work together to protect your confidential documents.
  5. Be your company’s green ambassador. Going green is great for the planet, and it’s not bad for your company’s reputation, either. It won’t be difficult to convince your boss that the green solutions on the latest copiers and printers are well worth the investment.

We know you’re convinced! Get in touch with us at MBM for help convincing your boss, too!

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