3 Solid Reasons to Switch to In-House Production Printing

Are you accustomed to outsourcing print jobs like business cards, labels, direct mailing materials, letterhead, flyers, banners, and training manuals? For some companies, a production printing solution provides a way to produce these materials in-house for a better price than outsourcing.

If you’re hesitant about moving from outsourcing to in-house production printing equipment, consider these frequently asked questions.

1. Aren’t large print jobs more cost-effective when outsourced?

Sometimes outsourcing high-volume print jobs is the best choice, but not always. Short runs usually refer to print volumes with fewer than 5,000 pages. If your high-volume jobs typically fall in the 5,000-page or less range, an in-house production printing solution is a cost-effective option. And if you’re in the habit of ordering larger quantities to qualify for price breaks, in-house production printing equipment can eliminate that waste.

2. Won’t we have difficulty matching our colors?

We know you’ve worked hard to choose your colors and establish brand recognition with your customer base. Color consistency is critical to keep your brand top of mind for your customers. Today’s production printing equipment ensures brand integrity by working hand-in-hand with color calibration solutions to help your in-house marketing team get it right every single time.

3. Some of our outsourced print jobs involve intricate finishing details. Will we be able to duplicate that in-house?

Today’s production printing equipment includes features that make your complex print jobs both cost-effective and easy to complete. In-line finishing features allow for booklet finishing, hole-punching, and trims for full-bleed results in-house. Workflow solutions allow for easy job programming and document sharing.

We can take a look at your requirements to help you decide if an in-house production printing solution is right for your organization. Contact us at MBM to learn more today!

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