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Lease or Buy? How Should You Acquire New Copiers and Printers?

buy or lease

When you're in the market for new copiers and printers, there are several important decisions to make. Aside from choosing the type of device you need, there are features available that can make your office much more productive.

You'll also need to decide whether to purchase or lease your copiers and printers. There are advantages to both choices, and your final decision should be the one that works best for your budget and your needs going forward.

75 Years Later, They're Still Here and They're Still Indispensable

printer in use

How much of the technology we've used in the last ten years is still in use? What about the last twenty? Your office no doubt said goodbye to its pagers, Rolodex cards, and electric typewriters years ago, and chances are pretty high that no one in your office takes shorthand, with pen and stenographer's pad in hand.


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