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75 Years Later, They're Still Here and They're Still Indispensable

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How much of the technology we've used in the last ten years is still in use? What about the last twenty? Your office no doubt said goodbye to its pagers, Rolodex cards, and electric typewriters years ago, and chances are pretty high that no one in your office takes shorthand, with pen and stenographer's pad in hand.

4 Ways to Ramp Up Security in Your Print Infrastructure

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Did you know your copiers and printers can give hackers access to your network? They can also be a source of common security lapses made by employees every day. By looking at your copiers and printers in a new light—as access points into your network and document storage repositories—you can begin taking the necessary steps to protect your organization from threats.

Here are four common ways to give print security a higher priority in your office.

3 Valid Reasons to Lease Your Copiers and Printers

copiers and printers

If your company needs new copiers and printers, you may be wondering how to acquire them without tying up too much operating capital. For many companies, leasing their equipment has become standard practice.

Lease or Buy?

Companies who lease their copiers and printers are onto something big. Here's a look at the reasons why leasing is now the most popular option for acquiring the latest in imaging technologies.

Key Benefits of a Multifunction Printer

copiers and printers

Today's office environment makes it critical to operate in a fast-paced world. We have to perform many tasks at a time and keep various projects on our radar.

This need also applies to your office equipment. Did you think about how essential it is that our devices operate in the same way we do? It's a key part of the user experience.

One of the best ways to multitask in today's workplace is to invest in a multifunction printer that can save time, space, and money.


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