State of Business Technology

State of Business Technology Questionnaire

State of Business Technology Questionnaire - v2

Introduction and Demographics

IT Strategic Planning

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Our organization’s IT strategy aligns with our business strategy.
Our IT processes are standardized and well documented.
We have well-defined processes in place for managing IT third-party vendors.
Our service levels are defined and adhere to all core IT services (e.g., availability, responsiveness, resolution times).


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Our IT infrastructure security is proactively maintained and managed.
Our data is protected and can be restored no matter what disaster occurs.
All employees receive regular cybersecurity awareness training.
We carry at least $1 million per occurrence and $2 million of aggregate cyber liability insurance coverage for our business.
We use multifactor authentication (MFA) across all critical business applications.
We conduct a regular (at least once per quarter) technology assessment of our network, computer systems, processes, and people to identify where we are not meeting security best practices.
We are meeting all compliance requirements and are not at risk of compliance violations.
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We regularly review our backup strategy and adhere to a documented backup retention process.
We have a designated person/team/outsourced security expert that manages the administration, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of our firewall infrastructure.


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We are taking steps to transition our legacy on-premises technology to the cloud.
Our IT infrastructure allows for easy remote access and file sharing.
We can easily scale our cloud resources to meet sudden changes in workload or headcount.

Cabling, Carrier Services & Wireless

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The cabling in our network meets the current minimum requirements of Cat5e or Cat6, and can support today’s technology.
Our wiring closet is well organized and has proper wire management, and wires are labeled for easy identification throughout the office.
Our bandwidth/internet speed is sufficient for everyone in our organization to easily complete their day-to-day business functions.
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We are taking steps to upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi technology standard.
We have a defined process for managing and securing our wireless access points.
Our phone/communications systems easily redirect to mobile numbers.

Collaboration, Communication & Remote Work

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We have dedicated computers for remote workers.
Our organization has created and disseminated a work from home (WFH) policy defining which cybersecurity tools remote workers are required to use.
We only use company-controlled devices that are properly secured.
For employees on mobile devices, we have a mobile device management (MDM) solution in place.
We can conduct virtual meetings free from technical issues.
Our organization has implemented a method of communication besides email (e.g., Teams or Slack for text messages, Stream or Loom for video messages).
Our organization uses project management software, and all employees are trained on it.
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Our organization requires employees to enable automatic updates for their security programs and operating systems.

Office Technology (Printers/Copiers/Scanners)

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We are only paying for what we use (i.e., for the pages we print).
We have adapted our printing/copying/scanning to the current landscape toward a paperless environment with more mobile and remote work.
We are running business-grade document management technologies, not consumer-grade equipment.
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Our copy usage and maintenance are not bundled with our copier lease.