Safe Space Solution

Thermal Mirror Process

Protecting your business, and the well-being of your employees and visitors, starts at the point of entry. MBM’s solution for safely entering the workplace is the Thermal Mirror.

The Thermal Mirror is a zero-contact temperature inspection device that clears or denies an individual’s entry into a building based on current CDC health guidelines. Using a thermal imaging infrared camera, the device performs remote forehead temperature detection with instant scanning, then accurately logs results and displays notifications. This digital screen is hands-free, and can be placed on a pole, turnstile, or desk mount.   

Thermal Mirror is more than a temperature scanner. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) layer supports added safety steps, including the ability to share your policy, enable smart alerts, and display relevant content. Customizable with an AI Platform, the Thermal Mirror functions as a facial recognition tool, accurately detecting faces with or without a mask, and can be paired with a digital companion screen to display safety measures and procedures unique to your business. 

MBM integrates the Thermal Mirror to fit your business needs. Our team’s expertise in Thermal Mirror implementation and integration of its advanced analytics capabilities allows for remote management, pattern tracking, daily reports, and alerts — all from a unified dashboard and instantly accessible in Cloud storage. 

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