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Trusting the Experts

MBM Technology Solutions employs only the best and brightest in the IT industry to solve problems and help Detroit businesses establish the IT infrastructure they need to reach their goals. We provide IT solutions from beginning to end to make sure that every business we work with has the right hardware, software, support, and system to succeed from every laptop and laser printer down to the network that connects them.

Strategy and Design

Our team will start with surveying each business we work with, understanding that each company has their own needs, specifications, and challenges. From there, we will design a plan for the creation of an IT system that will serve your unique individual needs. While we work with some of the best technology vendors in the business, we work hard to remain objective on our assessment of which tools will best serve you.

Seamless Incorporation

After we establish a plan unique to your business, we begin to assess the right infrastructure to get the job done. We let our experienced team consider the ways in which each aspect of your technologies will work together to serve you best. We know that when all devices are working together, you’ll get a more productive company where all the technology is pointed toward success.

Installation and Continued Support

Since we work in the IT world every day, we are experts at the best ways to setup and install technology. While it can be frustrating for first-timers to try to link up network connectivity, our team has the experience and know-how to get all your network working together. We will get everything up and running and then continue to monitor your network security to keep things running at 100% efficiency.

Additional IT Services

Cloud Services


Disaster Recovery

Co-location & Virtualization

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MBM Technology Solutions prioritizes expertly running your IT services so you can focus on your business. At MBM Technology Solutions, we offer more than IT solutions. We can also provide print solutions, hardware solutions, Managed IT services, infrastructure, and production print services.

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