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Your Needs Always Come First

Reliable communication is essential to any working business. But even the most sophisticated and robust networks can’t operate correctly if they weren’t designed functionally. MBM Technology Solutions has a team of experts to serve you for all your cabling design and installation needs.

Our Process

The MBM planning process is based off years of technology experienced and design to have results that work expertly. Our four-step process includes:

  • Identifying your business process, objectives, and needs
  • Evaluating current systems and infrastructure
  • Understanding security requirements and technology
  • Forecasting future needs

Design and Layout with Strategy in Mind

When we look at network topologies, we consider the physical constraints to determine specific needs and materials required to make the project work. We illustrate our designs using Visio drawings to help our clients better understand our visions as we work through approval and processing.

From Mess to “Yes”

When your cabling is installed by an expert at MBM Technology Solutions, you know you are going to get an organized and strategically implemented result. All our technicians are certified by technology programs. They will install the structured cabling system, complete the connections, and integrate active electronics into your new, organized cabling structure. Our experts can also help:

  • Pre-configure hardware installations
  • Total system moves and setup
  • Point of service installations
  • Fax and copy machine networking

MBM Technology Solutions provides cable installation services that are done to the highest industry standards. When your cable infrastructure is established in an organized and strategic way, errors are easier to mend, work gets done faster, and communication is easier than ever.

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MBM Technology Solutions prioritizes expertly running your IT services so you can focus on your business. At MBM Technology Solutions, we offer more than IT services. We can also provide print solutions, hardware solutions, Managed IT services, IT Services, and production print services.

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