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The Digital Age of Document Management

Just a few decades ago, your document management system probably looked like a giant filing cabinet full of paper documents in hand-labeled folders. Now, there are better, faster, and smarter ways to store and organize documents digitally--and we can help!

Why Document Management?

Document management is a way for you to scan, store, retrieve, and organize your documents digitally. Paper systems of the past required you to dig around in files to try to locate the correct document for a given situation. Now, a simple search in your document management system will pull up exactly the right document in mere seconds.

Security First

At MBM Technology Solutions in Detroit, we are always thinking security first. Document management systems increase security of your documents vastly over paper systems. With a paper document, you have no record of who has accessed or viewed any given document. Digital documents allow for permissions, passwords, and other security features to make sure sensitive information stays private.

Getting Started

If you’re looking over at your giant filing cabinet and wondering where to start, look no further. The software applications that we provide at MBM Technology Solutions make it easy to scan and route your documents to capture the information from the paper documents, convert the image into an editable document, and route them to the perfect folder for seamless organization.

Even More Features

MBM Technology Solutions has software solutions to make any organization easy. In addition to the functionality discussed above, we can also provide:

  • Mobile applications to allow you to use a mobile device to view, scan, and print documents
  • Cost accounting systems to let you monitor, manage, and measure all of your network activity
  • Device administration to ensure settings and privacy are controlled only by set administrators

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MBM Technology Solutions prioritizes expertly running your IT services so you can focus on your business. We offer a wide variety of IT solutions to support you and help you reach your goals. At MBM Solutions, we offer more than print solutions. We can also provide hardware solutions, managed IT services, IT services, infrastructure, and production print services.

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