Your Cybersecurity Planning Guide


The use of cybersecurity tactics in the office is more important today than ever. The many dangers that businesses face from hackers outs them at risk of data breaches that can bring the entire company down. But by planning for better cybersecurity, your business can stay safe from this problem and keep building its reputation in the industry.

Planning for Your Risk

One of the first assessments that need to be made is what the risk level is for your company. Does it have a lot of name recognition? Do you collect a lot of consumer data? How many devices are a part of your computer network? Is your company known to be highly successful? All of these are factors in whether your company will be made a target by hackers. A busy company with a lot of employees and a reputation for being well-off can expect more hackers to take an interest in it. And if there are many, many people connected to the computer network, this is another attractive target. All it takes is one employee to mess up and they can get malware into the entire system.

Employee Training

One of the easiest ways for criminals to get into your computer network is to tempt an employee into letting them in. This may come in the form of phishing emails, viruses added to items being downloaded, etc. There is even a scam using thumb drives. Criminals leave them in the parking lots of successful companies, and eventually, an employee will pick it up and plug it into their computer to see what's on it. Taking the time to train employees not to fall for any of these scams is a great way to begin your cybersecurity methods. If your computer network is safe but your employees let someone in, your network will still be vulnerable.

Planning for Strengthened Security

Once your employees understand how to keep your network safe, you can use IT professionals to keep it safe. With managed IT services, your network can be backed up and strengthened with the use of security software and the cloud. There are a number of different strategies that your managed IT services workers can put in place that will isolate viruses, keep non-employees out of the system and keep data safe from being taken by anyone who isn't authorized to access it.

To keep your computer network safer with managed IT services, contact us today to get started.