Why You Need Web Filtering in Your Office

employees looking at laptop

The use of the internet in your office should be dedicated solely to business, but most business owners know how hard this is to enforce. The truth is that employees could be using the internet at any time to do virtually anything, including things that are less than savory. Here's why web filtering can increase company productivity and provide protection from possible liability.

Productivity and the Internet

When there is no web filtering, employees are free to do anything they like online, even if there are policies against it. This opens the door to a huge number of distractions like online shopping and posting to social media. Over time, those distractions become habits, and productivity is limited by the time spent online. Employees may believe they are only spending a few minutes here and there looking at things that interest them, but a few minutes at a time can add up to hours of an employee's time.

Security Problems

When employees can access anything they like online, the possibility of exposing the computer system to malware is very real. It is easy to click on a link and to bring a virus or other security threat onto the computer. This can then infect the other computers in the system. Some worms and Trojan-horse programs can steal the data that your company is supposed to safeguard. Managed IT services like web filtering keeps questionable sites away from the computers in your system and makes accidentally downloading malware far less likely.

Internet and Liability

If your computers are used for anything illegal, this can certainly backfire on the entire company. You may be liable for what your employees are doing on the company computers on company time. Employees may go to illegal sites, participate in online scams or illegally download material that is copyrighted. All of these actions can mean that the company is liable and may enter a legal nightmare that will prove both expensive and bad for the company's reputation.

Using the internet is a necessity in today's businesses, but it should only be sites that directly pertain to the job. Contact us if you're ready to implement web filtering for your business.