Why Not to Rely on Offsite Records Storage

document management

The storage of files can be a major cost to a business. If the files are kept on site, a lot of expensive space is needed to house it all. It's common to outsource this function to a third party because it can require so much space to keep them all. However, keeping the files with a third party can be expensive, and it comes with a host of other disadvantages.

Accessing Files

Having a place off-site to store files seems convenient at first, since the filing cabinets won't take up space in the office or need their own room. However, that convenience ends when it's time to access one of the files in storage. The time it would take for an employee to go to another site, retrieve the document and then go back to the office represents a huge loss in productivity. When employees must do this to get information or double check what they have, you can expect slower revenue as employees have less time to do their jobs.

Losing Documents

When documents and filed and kept elsewhere, it's certainly possible that mistakes can be made. If a document is put into the wrong file, it could take hours to check all of the files to find it again. A lost document can cost a lot in terms of productivity and mistakes that may be made because of the missing data. Once the files are away from your office, an array of mistakes may be made without your knowing about them.

Document Security

When the documents you keep on file are housed in physical files in your office, they are difficult to keep secure. When they're kept off-site, that's even more security issues with the documents. Certain data must be kept from being found and taken by anyone not entitled to that information. To keep them as safe as possible, digital document management is the best course of action. As long as the computer system is kept encrypted and safe from hackers, those documents will stay private and accessible only by those you give access to.

If you want to move your records from an off-site facility to better document management, contact us to find out more.