Which Type of Media is Right for Your Wide Format Printer?

wide format printer

A wide format printer can handle many kinds of production printing, including a wide variety of tasks that you may not realize it can take on. This can save you time and money outsourcing print jobs that you could simply handle in house, and help you make your marketing more dynamic. Here are some kinds of media your wide format printer can bring to life.

Multipurpose Vinyl Printing

A wide format printer is ideal for printing designs and slogans onto multiple types of vinyl, including:

  • Adhesive vinyl is used to create decals and designs that can easily be mounted to a variety of surfaces
  • Banner vinyl is used to make billboards and banners
  • Window clings are used to create adhesive decals

There are many advantages to using vinyl for indoor or outdoor applications, including its resistance to scratches and weather-related damages. Vinyl is simple to clean and maintain, allowing you to keep the finished product intact for years.

Eye-Catching Banners

If you prefer your banners made out of a more durable material than vinyl, roll up banners can be created out of polyester or another material that gives a different look and feel. Typically used for marketing and trade shows, having these printed by an outside source can cost you a lot and you can end up with a product that doesn't meet your standards. Printing these banners can be easy with a wide format printer and some practice.

Canvas Works of Art

Canvas artwork can brighten the home or office space at a fraction of the price of a traditional art piece. Using advanced printing techniques, a wide format printer can emulate the look of brush strokes and color blending done by a skilled artist. You can also print high-quality photographs to use as decor items and keep the definition and colors captured in the original image.

If you're ready to test the capabilities of a wide format printer at your business, contact MBM Technology Solutions today. Our team can help you get the right printer in place to accomplish any kind of printing you need.