Train Your Employees to Recognize Phishing Attempts

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You've likely installed software to keep viruses from entering your computers, but Managed IT Services experts urge business leaders to step up their game when it comes to phishing attacks.

Scammers use emails (156 million every single day!) and popups to lure unsuspecting employees into divulging confidential company information like email addresses, passwords, and bank account or credit card numbers. The really bad news is that 16 million phishing attempts manage to bypass sophisticated spam filters and users respond by clicking on phishing links 800,000 times a day.

Here's how Managed IT Services help employees distinguish a phishing attempt from a legitimate company email.

  1. Check the email address —Most of us don't pay much attention to email addresses, but we should. In most cases, a phishing attempt will come from an email address that does not match any legitimate email address from your organization. The exception is when a scammer hacks an employee email account and uses the address to dupe other staff members.
  2. Look for threats —Threats that compel readers to respond immediately are common in phishing scams. Phrases like final notice, immediate action required, and your account will be suspended are designed to get the reader to respond quickly to avoid repercussions—all of which are, of course, fictitious.
  3. Requests for confidential information —Any request for confidential information in an email should be suspect, and employees should verify the request either in person or by sending an email using the address provided in the company contact list. (Employees should never reply to a suspected phishing email.)
  4. Links and attachments —Employees must learn that clicking on attachments and links can lead to catastrophic consequences for your organization.

Managed IT Services providers can help your organization combat hackers, phishing scams, and other security threats. Contact MBM Technology to learn more about the solutions provided by our comprehensive IT Services strategies today.