There's Stored Data on Your Copiers and Printers

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You've no doubt heard that your copiers and printers could be used by hackers to access your network. You've also heard that your copiers and printers store information on their hard drives.

Knowing that very sensitive information is stored on your imaging equipment should give you pause. Some of that data falls under strict government mandates, meaning you are required by law to prevent it from dissemination to unauthorized parties. Other information is sensitive only to your company, but its premature release could have a devastating impact on your future success.

Why You Should Care

Copiers and printers are much more like computers than most of us understand. Their operating systems, hard drives, user interfaces, and applications are all similar to those of computers, which means we should treat them with the same precautions.

  1. Your copiers and printers store information on their respective hard drives. You may not know for sure what's on your equipment's hard drives, but it's safe to assume that an image of every document your team has scanned, faxed, copied, routed, or emailed is still there.
  2. Your copiers and printers store contact lists. The reason that email you just sent to a business partner sailed through without difficulty is that your devices store contact information for everyone who's ever sent or received an email through your organization.
  3. Your copiers and printers won't be in your possession forever. You need a plan now for what you'll do when your lease ends, and you're ready to move your equipment out of the office. A reputable Managed Print Services provider can give you a guarantee that they've destroyed, removed, or wiped data from your equipment's hard drive. Don't accept anything less.

There's more to your copiers and printers than meets the eye. For help securing your stored data, contact us at MBM Technology Solutions today!