Scan Documents and Go Digital

go digital

Worry about the security of business documents is at an all-time high. With criminals increasingly targeting the data that companies collect, that worry is well placed. But with paper documents, the threat can be even worse.

Paper Documents

Not only is it simple to steal paper documents from inside the office, there are thieves who actually go through trash cans to find left-over paper documents in order to steal data. In addition to the security concerns, there is the very real risk that the documents may be misplaced, accidentally thrown away or end up mixed in with someone else's documents. Paper documents take up a lot of space, and they have to be organized and kept track of, requiring a lot of employee engagement.

Scanning Documents

Companies that have mostly relied on paper documents may wonder why it would be worth it to scan them in. One of the biggest advantages of scanning is that this allows for the easy organization of them. It also makes it far easier ot encrypt the documents so that no one has to worry about papers getting into the wrong hands. Finding scanned documents can be done with a simple search rather than looking through the physical business to find them. It's faster for employees, and that makes faster service for customers seeking the information. It also keeps you compliant with regulations that require the safe storage of data.

Sharing and Collaboration

If another employee in a different branch needs a document, a quick, encrypted email can be sent. It's easier for colleagues to collaborate when they all have the document digitally and can make changes to it with just a few keystrokes. Collaborating and retrieving data between coworkers can take seconds instead of employees spending time sending and receiving faxes after they've located the paper documents.

If you're ready for document scanning, you need our services to ensure the safe storage of your data. Contact us to find out more about getting your documents scanned.