The Reality of Cybersecurity Threats

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The rise of illegal hackers who attack computer systems to steal data has led to a lot of fear from small businesses. That fear is not unfounded. The results can be catastrophic for a small business when data is stolen and customers feel betrayed.

Phishing Schemes

The most popular way to steal data is still phishing. This happens when someone creates a way to get into a person's computer through deception. A popular way to do this is to send out an email with a link in it that pretends to be to a legitimate business. However, that link instead takes you to a dangerous site, or simply begins to upload malware onto your computer right away. This malware will then take over certain parts of your computer, allowing them access to take sensitive data. This can be made less of a threat by educating your employees about what they can and can't click on. For the most part, it's never a good idea to click on a link in an email.

Ransomware Attacks

The runner up is the growing danger of ransomware. This can also be activated by clicking on a link and being taken to a website set up to attack computers. With this malware type, your entire computer is locked up and held for ransom. Getting it back may cost you thousands of dollars, and companies are increasingly paying these ransoms in order to get back to business and maintain their reputations. Like phishing, this scam can be greatly reduced by educating employees about what it is and how their computers can get it.

Old-Fashioned Hacking

Simply coming up with the password to a site and then taking it over is still a threat to businesses. Today, this is often done to take over social media accounts. This is usually done to post outrageous content to embarrass the company who owns those accounts. This can quickly hurt your company's reputation and cause a lack of trust from the public. To combat this, always give accounts long and complex passwords, and change them periodically. Getting managed IT services to give your business another layer of cybersecurity is another popular way to stay protected. IT includes safety software, network monitoring and evaluation of any weak areas in your network.

If you want your business to have protection against hackers, contact us to find out more about managed IT services.