Production Printing for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

production printing

The days of mailing out massive numbers of product catalogs may be over, but there are decided benefits to promoting your products via catalog to a targeted market.

A New/Old Strategy

While many companies rely almost exclusively on online marketing strategies, savvy up-and-coming retailers recognize the value of a targeted catalog campaign. With an on-premises production printing solution, these companies are taking a bold step and promoting their brand and company culture via print catalogs. Here's what they've learned.

Promoting your brand via catalog is a smart business move.

No serious-minded company would forgo an online presence in a 21st-century digital economy, but some retailers have discovered that linking an online campaign with a catalog campaign is a winning combination.

  • Customers love the look and feel of a well-designed catalog that echoes your company's overall culture and innovative designs.
  • The once-a-year, bulky, everything-in-one-place catalog of the past may be all but gone, but trendy catalogs in smaller sizes delivered straight to the customer can stand out above the noise.
  • Specialized papers, artsy designs, and quality photographs of real people using your products make for catalogs that resonate with all age groups.

Production printing lets you conduct a smaller, targeted catalog campaign.

With your production printing equipment or multifunction printer, your marketing team can target existing customers, encouraging them to come into your store or to shop online. In fact, 86% of women surveyed said they followed through and purchased an item they saw first in a printed catalog. By targeting existing customer bases rather than using marketing lists, companies can get more value from their catalog campaign.

With an in-house production printing solution, your catalog marketing campaign can be your company's next successful business strategy. Contact us at MBM Technology Solutions to find out more today.