Key Advantages of Leasing a Copier


Having at least one copier in every office is a necessity. No manager wants their employees to have to go without one whenever it's needed. However, many companies don't consider that the business can lease a copier instead of purchasing it up front. Here are a few reasons that leasing a copier may make sense for your business.

The Monthly Budget

The company undoubtedly has a yearly budget, but on a daily basis, what's important is keeping the monthly budget in check. This can be extremely difficult if you have a large purchase to make. Buying a copier outright means coming up with all of that money at once, shattering the monthly budget in many cases. To make the accounting easier, and to avoid taking funds from other departments, leasing allows your company to pay only a small monthly lease that is the same from one month to the next.

New Tech, New Models

Copier technology is always advancing, just like the tech behind your other office equipment. With newer models of copier comes more features and faster printing speeds. If you want your employees to be able to use newer, higher-tech copiers, a lease is often the best way to do it. With a lease, you can trade an older copier into the provider in order to lease a new model. When the copier is purchased, you're simply stuck with it unless you want to go to the trouble of trying to sell it. With a lease, it's easy to trade it out and benefit from the newest copier advances.

Costs and Taxes

Newer copier models have better energy efficiency, leading to less money required to power it. Many companies seek out the latest office equipment precisely for that reason. In addition, the entire leasing fee that is paid each month is deductible as a pre-tax cost. If the copier was purchased, this would be one lump-sum deduction. But with the lease, it's a monthly deduction for as many years as you want to continue the lease on your copier.

If you're thinking about leasing a copier for your business, contact us to find out about lease terms and the many copier models that you can choose from.