How Managed IT Services Benefits SMBs

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Your IT requirements aren't less important because you're smaller than your competitors. In fact, SMBs are less likely than larger organizations to survive the negative impacts of a catastrophic IT event. With limited resources, however, you may wonder if there's anything you can do to minimize your risks.

Managed IT Services Benefits

Managed IT Services can take the burden of managing IT infrastructures and give SMBs more time to devote to core initiatives. Here's how Managed IT Services can help small business avoid the IT vulnerabilities common to companies without an extensive internal staff.

  1. A proactive approach —A break-fix approach to technology is a hands-off-until-it's-broken solution that is never a good idea for IT infrastructures. Managed IT Services takes a proactive approach, catching potential problems early and while downtime is still preventable. In many cases, issues can be addressed before they have a chance to cause network disruptions.
  2. Remote monitoring —Managed IT Services monitors your network and hardware to identify and respond to threats. Proactive network security means your business documents and network are protected 365/24/7.
  3. More time for your staff —Whether you're fortunate enough to have an internal IT staff or someone is multitasking by taking on the role, IT Support lets them get back to their real jobs. Instead of putting out fires throughout the day, your staff can use their skills to support and grow your company.
  4. One flat rate for IT services —Traditional break-fix approaches can lead to high costs, causing SMBs to delay critical repairs and updates. Managed IT Services provides emergency and technical support to address network issues for one predictable, monthly flat rate.

Managed IT Services prioritizes your technologies so you can spend more time focusing on core business requirements. To learn more, contact us at MBM Technology Solutions today!

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