How Leasing Your Copiers and Printers Locally Benefits Your Business

equipment leasing

Should your company purchase or lease its copiers and printers? It's a decision you'll need to make when you're ready for an upgrade. For many companies, leasing is an excellent choice. Here's a look at four of the primary benefits.

  1. Affordability — Monthly lease payments for your copiers and printers can be much more affordable than securing financing for a purchase. And you won't need to tie up business capital on equipment.
  2. Streamlined equipment upgrades — Upgrading your copiers and printers is a streamlined process when you're in a lease agreement. Purchasing may slow down your ability to upgrade and get access to new features. You'll also need to decide what to do with your old copiers and printers, and you'll be responsible for making sure there's no data stored on the hard drive. With a lease agreement, your equipment provider not only picks up your old devices, but they also take care of scrubbing any data that's left in the memory.
  3. Access to new features — When you're ready for new features, your equipment provider can set you up with the right copiers and printers under a new lease agreement. The process is much more straightforward than beginning anew with a purchase, and you won't risk missing out on new technologies, emerging security features, and additional capabilities to address your changing needs.
  4. Local support — You could buy a copier from an online source halfway across the country, but you'll miss out on the benefit of local support. Experienced local technicians who've met your team and understand your business requirements provide a valuable support system for your company. As always, a successful partnership begins with superior support and customer service.

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