How Efficient is Your Document Management Strategy?

document management

How efficiently are you managing your documents? By minimizing the steps between essential business processes, you can begin maximizing productivity and lowering costs.

Here's how a document management system can improve workflows in every department of your organization.

  1. Do you have a solution in place to scan and capture your documents? Sophisticated software is available to help you capture incoming documents, transforming them into editable, digital formats. With a multifunction printer, these software applications are readily available and offer one-step, user-friendly procedures to help your organization move to a digitized document management system. By capturing metadata, your information will be stored with an end goal of making it easier to locate it the next time you need access.
  2. Do you have a place to route and store your newly captured information? Managing information on paper won't help your business move forward in an economy driven by digital processes. You need a faster, more secure place to store information. Document management allows you to organize information digitally, taking up far less space and using fewer resources than paper-based systems.
  3. How quickly can your staff locate and access stored documents? The average knowledge worker spends 400 hours a year searching for filed documents. A lengthy document search for an internal process or to serve a customer who's been put on hold isn't acceptable in either case. Document management systems use a simple keyword search to pull up filed information in just seconds.
  4. Can you control and track access to your documents? Document management provides you with controls that place restrictions on who can access your documents. Tracking software and audit trails provide always-on visibility.

Are you looking for new ways to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve document security? Contact us at MBM Technology Solutions to learn more about our document management solutions today.