Get Prepared for Growth with a Document Management System

viewing document from tablet

Business growth may be exciting, but it comes prepackaged with a wide assortment of bewildering challenges. When it comes to your information, the old way of handling growth was to add more filing cabinets, more rooms, and maybe even shift some of your archived documents to a third-party storage provider. The problems were painfully obvious, including higher costs and an even slimmer chance of ever finding anything again. Fortunately, you have better options.

Document Management for Growth

Electronic document management is unique in that growth is a foundational part of its structure. When your company is experiencing growing pains, the right document management can expand and grow right along with you. Here's why scalability is built into the best document management systems.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

Searching for information in unmanaged systems (even information that's where it should be) is a massive consumer of your employees' time. Document management uses naming conventions and intelligent indexing during the scanning process, sending your documents into a predetermined, consistent file structure. Even if you're not sure how a document was indexed, optical character reading software allows you to search using keywords found within the document's content. Imagine a workplace where every document is right where you put it, and it takes just seconds to locate information.

Always-On Availability

Where were you the last time you needed to access your data? At a client's office? At a conference? At home? By storing your documents in a cloud-based document management system, you and your employees will have always-on access to your information, and that includes the documents that just arrived in today's mail.

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