Is Cloud-Based Document Management Right for Your Business?

cloud-based document management

Should you store your company's essential data on-premise or in the cloud? Your decision one way or the other depends upon your requirements and your need for a disaster recovery plan. Here's how to determine the best course of action for your business.

On-Premise Document Storage

You may already have in-house servers in place. If so, you probably know the risks associated with an in-house solution. With continued concerns about data security, it's essential to use a robust intrusion detection solution and the best firewall available. But for many SMBs, the capital investment required for infrastructure is too much of a financial burden. Even for those who can muster the funds, a disruption of any kind could cause catastrophic data loss. Documents stored on-site may not survive a devastating natural disaster, and with no way to replace lost information, many companies couldn't find their way to recovery.

Cloud-Based Document Management

A cloud-based document management solution is often a better choice for SMBs. From affordability to improved security, the benefits are clear.

  • Eliminate your need to invest in expensive hardware.
  • You won't need to dedicate space to house on-site servers.
  • Eliminate the costs of hiring an in-house IT support team.
  • Gain 24/7 access to your document management system, even when your team members are out of the office.
  • Benefit from IT experts providing the latest security solutions.
  • Data backup and recovery solutions ensure that your document management system is protected, even in the face of a cyber attack or natural disaster.
  • Eliminate the high cost of storing and securing paper documents.
  • Keyword search features mean your staff can locate information stored in your document management system in seconds.

Can your team work from anywhere? Is your data backed up and protected from unseen threats? To learn more about cloud-based document management, contact us at MBM Technology Solutions today!