75 Years Later, They're Still Here and They're Still Indispensable

printer in use

How much of the technology we've used in the last ten years is still in use? What about the last twenty? Your office no doubt said goodbye to its pagers, Rolodex cards, and electric typewriters years ago, and chances are pretty high that no one in your office takes shorthand, with pen and stenographer's pad in hand.

Not Everything Has Changed

Whether you're comfortable with change or not, there's at least one familiar technology still hanging around in your office. Your copiers and printers aren't going anywhere soon, and the first one was used 75 years ago this October by Chester Carlson in a Queens apartment. Chester was pretty proud of his static-electricity charged copy machine; here's why you'll still want to hang onto yours.

They're Far from Obsolete

Today's copiers and printers don't weigh 650 pounds like Carlson's 1938 invention, and thankfully, they're not likely to spontaneously burst into flames. In addition to these obvious advantages, today's copiers and printers are still relevant in the modern office setting. With solutions that go beyond copying and printing to include scanning and capturing data, routing information to cloud-based document management systems, collaborating on stored documents, and faxing to email, modern copiers and printers are essential tools for today's paperless processes.

The Printed Page is Still Relevant

No matter how far you've come in the paperless movement, your business still depends on its ability to print and copy documents. Whether it's a direct mailing using variable data printing software to target individual customers, an internal training update, or brochures for your next trade show, the printed page is still very much a part of today's business landscape.

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