3 Questions to Answer When Choosing Production Printing Equipment

preparing to print from a production printer

If you've been using your multifunction system or laser printer as stand-ins for your production printing needs, it's time to consider an upgrade. From high-volume and speed requirements to advanced finishing capabilities and near off-set quality printing results, today's production printing equipment fills the need nicely.

Here's how to begin the selection process so you can let your employees have their multifunction system back.

Production Printing Considerations

While features and capabilities may vary from one manufacturer and model to the next, some universal considerations can help you begin narrowing down your search for the right production printing equipment.

  1. What type of documents will you be printing? Your production printing equipment should be a good fit for your requirements. Work with your technology provider to choose a device that can handle your preferred media and paper size. For some companies, a wide format printer would be a valuable addition to their print infrastructure.
  2. What are your volume and speed requirements? High speed and volume requirements often go hand-in-hand, so it's important to find a production printing solution that will keep up with your most demanding print jobs. Choose a device that not only meets your needs today but has plenty of room in the monthly duty cycle to allow for expansion and growth.
  3. What can your company budget handle? Your technology provider can help you determine which production printing models fit within your budget. Remember that settling for a device with a lower initial price point may mean sacrificing quality and output, and that cost-per-page is a much more important number than the retail sticker price. Also important—a lease agreement may put the best production printing equipment for your requirements well within your reach.

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